Mandy Jenkins

Mandy’s passion for igniting the natural-knowhow ability underpinning emotional, mental and physical skilfulness, the foundation for all learning, is longstanding. She finds that incorporating innovative movement approaches such as RMT within her practice can promote unusually quick and lasting results, even where achievement has persistently proved easier said than done.

Mandy works with virtually all ages and fitness levels, an extremely diverse range of aspirations, and specialise in overwhelming life-blocking concerns such as unresolved post traumatic stress, phobias and crisis.

Sessions are confidential, supportive and client-centred, involving precisely targeted movements as indicated by personal goals and requirements. She is qualified to practice in: Rhythmic Movement Training™, Educational Kinesiology & Brain Gym®, various Reflex Integration & Development approaches and Counselling. Mandy offers free initial telephone consultations to anyone wanting specific information.

Dip Counselling, MBACP, KFRP
Educational Kinesiology & Brain Gym® Consultant


Location: Witney & Oxford, Oxfordshire

Phone(s): 07903 244521

Email: Click here