Janet Glover

I have over 40 years of working with children and adults. I started life as a nurse, midwife, health visitor and teacher. I am qualified in INPP, RMT, MNRI , Brain Gym, TFH (1) and JIAS.

Movement is the backbone to our ability to learn and understand where we are in time and space. Movement underpins all that we do and has such an important impact on how we engage with the world and those around us. I have been working with reflexes and Neuro-Developmental Delay for over 10 years. I am also a qualified Vision Therapist and work alongside my husband who is a Behavioural Optometrist.

I work with any age group from babies to adults including children with learning disabilities and adults with head injuries. My working week can be filled with amazing children who range from a diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy to those with ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, DCD and Autism. I will do a full diagnostic assessment and from there we will plan an appropriate programme to meet the needs of the child or adult. Rhythmic Movement Therapy has presented me with new, exciting and relevant tools for my therapeutic toolbox and is the therapy of choice when beginning a programme with young children because of the passive nature of the movements. I generally see my clients monthly at the practice where we will review progress, learn new movements, play and generally have fun.

Location: Stockport

Phone(s): 0161 494 5000 0161 494 5000

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Website: https://johnpglover.co.uk