Jacqui Irven

I am passionate to see others transformed by the work I do through RMTi . Enabling others to be on the firm foundation working from their dynamic bodies once they have fully integrated any un-integrated/or retained primary reflexes.

However, I have noticed that some people do things with ease and grace and for someone else it take twice as long or even it is totally unachievable for them. The 3rd scenario can lead someone down a path of helplessness/depression and / or a reliance on others to support them in being and becoming (learnt helplessness).

The body holds the key/score/memory – many people talk about muscle memory, well that’s great if its a good memory or you are practicing a piano piece. Moreover, if you are wearing your shoes down unevenly walking on the outside/inside or the back of your heels of your foot/feet then your whole body will be out of alignment and this can cause issues further up in your skeletal system. The uneven wear in your shoes is down to a reflex and with my support can easily be rectified. I have worked in education settings from from pre-school to university level working with community groups, refuges and with older people in the community. A trained teacher, mentor and coach I have been working with clients for over 5 years and within the context for my work for over 21 years using Brain Gym®. I have been working as an RMTi Consultant since 2019.

I am based in Cornwall but also have bases I can use in West Sussex, London and West Berkshire. I can only work face to face with new clients, however, if I have worked with you before then I can work with you via Skype /Zoom.

I became interested in this work as I had so many retained and un-intergrated reflexes myself  and over 30 years ago this was highlighted when I had a full body massage for the first time. Unfortunately I was in a baby walker when I started to move about, this was due to my Mother taking my Brother and I to work with her, She was the Boss so could do so!

NOT Great ! Not crawling or doing lots of other baby wriggling my body worked, my brain worked, not to its greater good, not optimising me to my full capacities and capabilities. I did achieve loads and could truck on forever, until collapse/burnout. I am more at ease in my body now, with people /relationships/life.  I believe and trust myself and no longer live in fear or condemnation.

If any of the above has resonated with you then please check out my website or contact me directly through this channel. We can have a chat and see how I can support you in becoming the dynamic you, doing things with greater ease and freedom of being.

Location: Cornwall, West Sussex, London, West Berkshire

Phone(s): 07964 843492

Email: Click here


Jacqui Irven