Gill Tree

I founded and owned for 22 years, the UK’s largest school of massage and pioneered bringing Positive Touch training to Special Care Baby Units, the Infant Massage Instructors Certificate course to the UK from the USA and the Massage in Schools program from Sweden. I am also qualified in Neuro Linguistic Programming and taught stress management to industry. The mind body connection has fascinated me for all that time and RMT is a brilliant therapy for that.

I was a respite foster carer for 2 years prior to adopting my son in 2011 when he was 3. Because of his difficult start in life, he presented many challenging behaviours and was very behind in his emotional, physical and intellectual development. I became interested in RMT when other therapies didn’t make sufficient long lasting change. Through RMT he has made huge progress; I now have a calm, emotionally intelligent, mature and co-operative 8 year old who is catching up at and enjoying school.


Location: Frome, Somerset

Phone(s): 0203 5531060

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