Emma Ashfield

In 2014, Emma started an amazing journey into the world of reflex integration with her own child. Having experienced other methodologies, she decided to qualify as in RMTi after experiencing incredible change first hand.

Emma has a background in management consultancy, corporate training and human factors/change management – in fact neuroplasticity therapies are very relevant to this field, and Emma has used RMTi and Polyvagal-informed therapy to advise project managers on the sort of change management projects she used to work with!

Emma is also a highly experienced Safe and Sound Protocol and iLs Focus practitioner, and uses the SSP and iLs Focus in conjunction with RMTi to address the freeze response, producing magnificent shifts in physiological state that also affect behaviour and learning.

Emma also has a wealth of experience of navigating the labyrinth of SEN within the private and state school systems.

Emma has worked with a variety of people, aged between 4 and 102, across a variety of chronic conditions as well as mental health, learning, behavioural and emotional challenges by addressing their cause. She works from an osteopathic practice in Cranleigh. Her blog posts have a global reach https://move2connect.com/blog

Location: Horsham/Cranleigh

Phone(s): 07756 051879

Email: Click here

Website: https://www.move2connect.com

Emma Ashfield