Niki McGlynn

I have been working as a therapist since 2000 and came across RMTi when looking for solutions to help my daughter who had been diagnosed with dyslexia. I have been blown away by how effective RMTi is and often use it in combination with other therapies if required. I am based in Wokingham in Berkshire and practice from home weekdays and Saturdays until 4pm

Kate Rigby

My first brief introduction to Primitive Reflexes and RMTi was through a course run by a local charity for parents to help their children with learning delays and emotional challenges (my youngest son has Down Syndrome). From that point we started to introduce some small movements and hand/foot massage into my son’s therapy routine. I then became further enthused about RMTi after we had a consultation for him with a fantastic RMTi consultant and decided to train to help my two sons with their development.

After attending the first two training courses, which I found to be a revelation, I decided that I wanted to qualify as an RMTi consultant so that I could help children and adults facing challenges in their lives. Now a fully qualified RMTi consultant, I love being able to help children and adults deal with the challenges that they are facing in life which can include: autism, ADHD, dyspraxia, dyslexia, learning difficulties, anxiety, anger, depression, concentration, and general delays in reading & writing. I have been seeing great results with children with ASD, dyspraxia, lack of concentration, and difficulties with handwriting, and also adults with emotional challenges.

Zara Peasland

Working in the water as a baby & pre-school swimming teacher since 2006 means I have seen a plethora of challenges in relation to ease of movement & co-ordination for some young children; coupled together with a child experiencing additional needs meant that exploring the world of retained reflexes was not only fascinating but also vital in the journey to help find a sense of ease & release for my son from the every day challenges he faced with anxiety, dexterity & hyper-activeness.

Combining RMT with listening to the pre-birth & birth story each of us holds, means we can look into the layers of each persons story & become curious about the ‘whys’ as well as the symptoms an active retained reflex can have upon the mind, body & soul.

Gaynor Ralls

Gaynor is a an experienced teacher, who has always had a passion for bringing out the best in her students. Now, she combines her years of teaching experience with RMT, to investigate the possible roots of difficulties and work with them from the foundation, upwards.
Having personally encountered and experienced the profound effectiveness of RMT for her son, Gaynor has trained in RMT. As a result, she has new knowledge, understanding and tools to help students on the road to realising their true capabilities. Working on our natural building blocks, just makes complete sense, and has answered many questions she had as an educational practitioner.
She is delighted to be able to offer RMT to clients and continue to support them towards attaining their personal goals.


Janice Graham

Janice is passionate about enabling both children and adults to realise their full potential and enjoy learning. She is an experienced teacher, project manager and trainer, using a range of innovative strategies to support learning and build confidence. She is a nationally accredited trainer for Learning Mentors and Parent Support Advisers and supports schools in the area of emotional wellbeing and mental health.

She offers a combination of movement programmes, including Brain Gym®, Rhythmic Movement Training and the Exercise and Sound in Education (EASIE) programme, all of which focus on helping individuals make positive change and achieve their goals. As a trainer in all of these programmes, Janice is also qualified to train others to use them. She is also a Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner and a Touch for Health Instructor, which enables her to work with individuals holistically to support their emotional health and wellbeing.

Janice now works as a self-employed consultant and instructor and also runs a busy kinesiology practice with a varied client base of all ages.

Janice is happy to travel to teach and train students nationally and internationally. Please contact her if you would like to arrange a course in your area.

Gill Brooksmith

Gill qualified as an International Educational Kinesiologist in 1994 and started her training with Dr Harald Blomberg in 2007.  She has found incorporating Rhythmic Movements invaluable in working with children with developmental delays, dyslexia, lack of concentration, ADD/ADHD and behavioural difficulties.

In her busy Cambridge practice her clients include adults with Parkinson Disease,  ADHD and depression. Her speciality is vision improvement and its positive impact on reading, handwriting and maths.

She has completed extensive research on the benefits of incorporating RMT in schools in preparation for SATS, improvement in behaviour, focus and attention.

Gill trains Brain Gym, Visioncircles and Optimal Brain Organisation, Touch for Health and Rhythmic Movements internationally.

Gill trains countrywide and gives talks to doctors, schools, and associations for Autism, Parkinson’s disease, Parent and other interest groups. She is happy to share her knowledge of the impact childhood reflexes have on everyday life and behaviour.

Mark Church

Mark trained with Dr Harald Blomberg when he first brought the RMT programme into the UK back in 2007. He not only found it made profound improvements to his own abilities, but has seen wonderful changes in children and adults with the wide variety of learning and developmental challenges.

He decided that this work needed to be shared with many other people working with children to give them every opportunity to be the best they can be in education and life, and not be held back by learning and developmental issues, so he became an international instructor. Mark is also a Brain Gym® instructor.

Mark now lives and works in sunny Malta where he has a practice and offers training. He returns to the UK once or twice a year to run the Face the Fear course. If you are interested and would like to join any of his courses, please contact him to reserve your place.

If you would like to train in Malta, he can also help arrange accommodation.